Friday, February 27, 2015

Crop Plans & Changing Plans

During the three years we ran the Wartime Garden we felt our garden needed to be changed towards a kitchen garden model. There where crops, though rich in nutrients, we simply couldn't get to grow in a way that was productive for us. We have tried onions from sets, onions from seeds, onions in a polytunnel, onions in pots and frankly we've had enough of them. Onions we can barter for, and we won't have the worry of ending up with beds that are empty. We want to maximise our crops under a different model of growing, looking to the likes of John Seymour and Charles Dowding to create no dig beds, chock full of mulch and learn new skills a long the way. This means some of the fancy crops have gone out of the window to be replaced by crops we know work well here.

Plan your growing this year and save yourself time.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Garden Changes...

It easy to get disheartened at this time of year, the days are glum but they're getting lighter. There's a cuckoo clock going off inside you, a mad desire to get outside and get things done but we only need to look outside, see the rain, the driving winds and the claggy soil to realise we may have to wait that little bit longer. Weeds may grow, weeds may sometimes win but gardens change with time and use. For us we started chronicling the lower garden back in 2010, long before we started to write about it, we never set out to have a blog, Facebook Page or social media but like the photographs we are better for it.

All gardens start somewhere, take the dive into a new space.

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