Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer: How to Make Comfrey Juice

There is nothing easier than making your own plant feed. Earlier in the month we looked at how to make manure tea which is a great boost to plants but if you want successful fruiting and flowering too, then turn to comfrey. We have been asked after our last post to have a more detailed post on how to make comfrey juice/tea.

How to make comfrey feed for your plants.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer: The Importance of Comfrey

A garden without comfrey has a gardener without nounce stumbling through it. Yesterday, we looked at the medicinal uses of comfrey but comfrey has more uses to the gardener beyond bruising and breaks. Yet comfrey, like nettles, has become a maligned plant in the garden, they are unfashionable, deemed weeds and replaced by the more friendly borage. Borage too is a useful feed but for us it does not touch comfrey.  

Comfrey is a plants superfood #lifeonpigrow #growing
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