Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring: Mulching in the Orchard

This year we are dedicating the blog to jobs in the garden and home. The posts will see us use the season in the header and the jobs being done and the location. Hence: SPRING (season): MULCHING (Job) and LOCATION (Orchard). We want to do this so we can create a cycle for our garden, a culture where we can track jobs in the garden and home, and how they can be better integrated to minimise waste and maximise growing time. 

We have to think carefully about how we use manure

Our neighbour has had a delivery of horse manure, there's plenty of it round here but we have to think carefully how we all use manure in our gardens.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fleetneedles' Forage: Hairy Bittercress

As part of our Save Our Skills year, we are looking at foraging. These post were originally published on our Facebook Page, we'd like to thank Claire Fleetneedle for allowing us to publish them here.

The uses for hairy bittercress #foraging #saveourskills

HAIRY BITTERCRESS (Cardamine Hairsuta)
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