Potato Time

An image can say so much and this says it all...potatoes. No single vegetable in history has been so loved, so over consumed, so fought over from the chip shop on a Friday night to the historical deaths surrounding it. 

It is called the 'humble potato' but there is nothing 'humble' about this vegetable. It is glorious, it is misunderstood and it is often ruined in the hands of a bad cook. For not every potato is the same, some make great mash, some tasty chips and some to die for roast potatoes. There are very few all rounders, and those that whisper in your ear at the supermarket checkout that they do everything including tap dancing and singing are just lying. 

For anyone who has every tasted a potato, such as Shetland Black as a chip, they will not trade them in for any other potato. That is why this week there is such excitement at Pig Row as the main crop is coming out of the ground. There sits Cara on the soil asking to be turned into mash and Pink Fir Apple drying in the sun desperately wants to be boiled and up the plot, the last of the Shetland Black, deeply purple, deeply seductive are just purring to be roasted or chipped. You won't find these varieties in the supermarket not because they don't travel, not because they bruise or go rotten easily, they just taste too damn good to let anyone else have them. Grow some and you will agree.


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