As the wind howls outside and the rain lashes it seem unbelievable that yesterday the sun was beating down and the thermometer was breaking records at a whopping 29 degrees in October. 

There I was trooping in and out of the glasshouse bringing in one of the last crops before I hand over the beds to cabbage and spinach. This is an experiment to see if I can grow these undercover. Little D has already destroyed many of these tomatoes in a feeding frenzy that left a hole in the top of the washing machine where I left them. He was sated, dripping with tomato juice and laughing in glee as he spread it all over his cheeks. We won't see anymore home grown tomatoes until next year. Home grown doesn't compare to the supermarket, you don't have that warm smell for starters and you won't end up with a gnawed hole in the top of your washing machine either.


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