Snow and Television

Here on Pig Row our neighbours are curling up their toes, pulling their coats close around their necks and tying their scarves tight. They whisper the word over the garden wall.
They yell it as they run to their cars. They laugh manically about it. Snow. Some will it. Some fear it. We have been caught out. Our wood pile is low and though our order has gone in for wood there is no sign of it yet. We should have planned better, we should have laid down our wood store over summer but we are the squirrels who left our nut collecting too late. This is an image that wakes me up at night, myself dressed as a giant squirrel scurrying across the forest floor at the height of summer as a grope of rabbits laugh at me for stopping off to watch daytime television. We can't even do this at the moment. The high winds have damaged our aerial and we need a new one. Another cost. It is the time of year for everything to go wrong and it seems to be going wrong at Pig Row. Wish us well. Send us love. We can't watch anything not even the fire for fear that we may run  out of wood before the snows come.


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