Francis Firebrace

I write non-fiction here on Pig Row, I write about my garden and about the earth beneath my feet but I am also a poet. Ten or more years ago I performed at The Festival at the Edge, and on that year was Francis Firebrace and when I saw Francis I knew I was in the hands of a great storyteller, a warm individual and a genuine human being who sought not to be rich or famous, or be the next big thing.
Francis merely wanted to save the stories of his tribe, the stories of his people, the stories of a country and a way of life from vanishing. It didn't matter who told them as long as they kept on being told. I spent quite sometime in Francis's company that day and in between his storytelling I got to know a little more about him but rather than me spout off about it, click on the video above, see for yourself why we all need genuine stories in this world and the power of not just a good story but a great story to change not just your viewpoint but who you are. Francis gave me a great gift, he took me back to my roots, without it there may not have been Pig Row or the desire to plunge my hands in the earth and find that connection once more. 


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