Glut Clubs

On our Facebook page, a nice chap by the name of Tony popped up to tell us about Glut Clubs.
At first, you may think this is a place where people get together with a trough and pig out. This is not the case. The Glut Club is a simple idea, it is place where people in a geographic area swap gluts in vegetables, fruit, seed and plants. This is a grand idea and is even simpler than the idea I had when I lived in a large town a few years ago when I wanted to set up community farms in people's gardens. I did a project like this in South Yorkshire that saw one street turned over to growing fruit, the roads where lined with new orchards and the back gardens brimmed with soft fruit. The problem we had, after jamming, preserving, storing and eating we still had a massive glut and this is where the Glut Club comes in. So, wherever you are, use Facebook and set yourself up a Glut Club on the same lines as the Maidstone Glut Club.


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