Foul Weather

Here on Pig Row we are being subjected to every type of rain going, fat downpours, silly showers that barely soak your hair but drench your buttocks, and that fine rain that you sneeze out a fortnight later.
This means the soil is wet, the air is cold and damp, the house smells musty and clearing out of a shed becomes a slippery and precarious exercise. The shed on Pig Row, for those who read The Cottage Gardener in 2011 or the columns over at Brew Drinking Thinkings, has been a running debacle. Cheap sheds never work in your favour. When I bought the utility shed (the place I store all my tools) I was over the moon that I had saved forty quid. In the last two years I have spent double that in shoring it up, sealing it up and painting it. Yesterday, I had to clear out all the tools and shore the floor up again as mice have been getting in and eating the lid on a bleach bottle. Mice are hard as nails in Yorkshire, they eat your stored seed and swig it down with neat bleach then go out and ravage the remains of your turnips. They don't even date them first, eat, drink, ravage, that's Yorkshire mice, they're more Viking than British. The shed floor is damp but after a thorough sealing which will last for a few weeks, even as I write this the mice are hatching their plans but the pots are out, it should last a few more years. The staging is now free of the netting and all the bits and bobs for sowing are now in the glasshouse. The first seeds with heating will be going in at the end of the month. The groundwork tools, spade, fork, hoe, are cleaned and hung up in the shed, dry for now. An old kitchen unit from our  kitchen renovation is keeping my other bits and bobs, dry and safe, at least the bleach will be there next time I need it.


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