Thinking Flowers

Here on Pig Row, we have a problem area by the bottom of the hill. In the recent cold snap this part of the garden has been constantly under the shadow of the house.

This is the first year I have noticed that the ground here stays frozen throughout winter. Previous years I've not noticed this due to this area being the dumping ground for building rubble from the house. Most of this has been sorted into heaps, stacks and covered over with tarpaulin. So, this is the first year I have seen the bare earth freeze to concrete, vanish beneath shadow and not thaw for days on end. This could have had me running for the garden shed, wailing, gone is the chance of the herb garden by the kitchen, gone is the cottage style; most plants don't like their roots frozen and then subjected to damp conditions afterwards. This has just meant that this will now become are annual flower cutting garden. 

This summer we will be running a seed trial with some of the major UK seed companies and independents, to see what it says on the seed packet label translates into gorgeous flowers that look good in a vase. I want to do this as I am a novice to growing annuals in situ and I want to see if you can get impact for as little money as possible. We're all on budgets and a bit of joy in the cutting garden may just be the answer. Let me know your favourite annuals. If I can grow them from scratch, so can you.


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