Summer Trial: Seeds of Italy

The seed merchants and catalogues are signing up to our summer annual flower trial. One of the first was the glorious Seeds of Italy, which has been in the same family for seven generations and produces its own seed. This may sound daft to you, you may think that all seed merchants produce their own seed, but this not always true. They have seed growers that produce for them. They regularly inspect the seed, they have growers who have worked with them for three generations. It would be a job I'd love, inspected crops, seeds and selecting the best. If you think that most seed companies aren't hands on, your won't be disappointed with Seeds of Italy, when we contacted them, the founder of the company, Paolo Arrigo emailed us back and has been talking with us every since. Now, that is customer satisfaction! 

We will be growing from Seeds of Italy, F'lori D'Estate Blu-Viola, F'lori D'Estate Bianchi and that stalwart of summer flowers Pisello Odoroso (sweet peas). Sounds much more floral in Italian, like a garden full of burgeoning beauty. These seeds have a plot waiting for them at Pig Row, the sowing will commence in Spring.


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