Life at Jericho

Hello my name is Jan Davey.  I have recently self-published ‘Life at Jericho’ a memoir that covers a memorable 12 year chunk of my life and that of my immediate family.

In 1994 intending to set up a boarding kennel business we moved to Jericho – a neglected Hill Farm on the outskirts of Scouthead.  Up to then we had enjoyed the comfort of village life in Uppermill, on moving to Jericho the family lifestyle changed radically.
The remote situation plunged us into total darkness at nightfall – no street lights for at least a mile in any direction.  There was a much greater dependency on vehicles for most of our trips or errands whereas in the village we had rarely used the car.  Our nearest neighbours were to be found across the fields rather than across the garden fence.  The severity of the winter weather shocked us – we had never experienced anything like it even in Uppermill.  The lack of heating and general home comforts made every day life uncomfortable and very hard at times.  We soon learned the necessity of conserving water on finding that we had a fluctuating water supply.  However on the plus side our relatively isolated situation meant that I could keep a number of different animals – a big bonus as far as I was concerned.

Initially our priority was to make the farmhouse habitable.  The first few years were beset with renovation problems and mishaps.  As time went by we experienced and coped with various challenges and I had found myself in difficult and often unpleasant situations on numerous occasions.  Those experiences together with many hilarious incidents which occurred throughout the 12 year period and the fact that I had kept a diary throughout inspired me in January 2007 to begin writing my memoir, the first draft of which I completed two years later in 2009.

‘The People’s Author’ competition was launched on ITV’S Alan Titchmarsh Show in conjunction with the Orion Publishing Group in March of the same year.  I decided to enter my memoir.  The following August I was notified that I had been shortlisted to the top 16 from over eight hundred entries.  I took part in one of four televised heats but my memoir did not reach the final.  The fact that it had been shortlisted however boosted my confidence no end and I was determined to get it published.  I re-wrote the entire manuscript.
‘Life at Jericho’ published by Countyvise Ltd retails at £8.95.  Copies can be purchased by arrangement direct from me – please contact by email: or on facebook at


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