From this to this

This is the Pig Row kitchen we faced two years ago. Note the rubber tiles laid on concrete in the 1950s.

They splintered wonderfully into the skin of your forearms when scraping them up. The fake tongue and groove panels were stamped fire retardant, they went on a bonfire in the back garden and burned in under one minute. They went up like a firework, along with those doors and units. Though the large unit is now acting as storage in the Utility shed. The panels covered lime plaster, which you can see below.

The new floor is slate and we have knocked out the stud walls giving us a twenty two foot long kitchen. We had to raise the floor level as digging out was not an option. If we'd done this all the rubble would have had to go through the front of the house and there would have been around fifteen tons of the stuff to barrel out. Plus, we discovered that several drains ran under the already concreted floor and disturbing them could have caused more problems. The slate was laid by the man of the house and the project was overseen by the woman of the house. See, there can be unity and peace in doing as you're told.

This is the kitchen facing the same way as the first photo, you can see under the stairs and the party wall has been stripped back to stone. Plastering is still needed but you can see the flue of our oven which heats the house and our electric oven which feeds us in summer. This is still an unfinished project but you can see things taking shape. These are slow projects and are dictated by the fact we have a tiny budget. We have to learn new skills just to do this. We have learnt pointing, floor laying, plastering and a bit of plumbing. After all that, we all need a cup of tea.


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