Cottage Garden Society

On Pig Row, I have taken shelter from the rain in the glass house. I am planting seed that has arrived from the Cottage Garden Society ( The great thing about this seed is that it comes as part of the membership and is effectively free.

For those readers who are not aware of CGS, it is a great organisation to join for those who have a love for cottage gardening. If you dream of the billowing flowers that seem to just get better year in, year out or want the practicality of companion planting flowers with vegetables then do look at the CGS.

The CGS reminds all gardeners that a garden doesn’t have to be regimented, utilitarian or given over to row after row of vegetables. It doesn’t have to be over designed or become another ‘room’. 

CGS members share seed which makes it feel like a community. 

The sharing of any seed, on any scale, should be encouraged as it preserves old varieties, introduces friends and neighbours to plants that they may never have heard of or ever tried. 

Back in March I planted a tomato I’d never heard of, Arkansas Traveller, I have never seen it in any catalogues or gardening books. I can’t wait to taste it. The plants are now stocky and I spent an afternoon potting them on, there final home before being planted into the glass house beds. 

This will have to wait as the glass house is full of seed trays, CGS seeds dominate one bench running for twelve feet. The rest of my glass house is full of shared seed plants, divisions and cuttings.

This is the beauty of joining a society, be it national of a local allotment society, it gives the new gardener access to advice on gardening from scratch, gardening to a budget and friends who want to share produce, plants and seed. Join one today. 


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