Seeds of Italy: Annual Sowing

At Pig Row we are also trialing two mixes from Seeds of Italy. Though known for their vegetables, which we grow each year.

We are great fans of their tomatoes and courgettes, more varieties, more seed per packet. This year though we wanted to trial annual flowers and selected two of their annual seed packets, Fiori Bianchi and Fiori Blu (£1.95 each. Prices correct at time of publication). Good amount of seed which will work in a small patch in a corner of the garden or in pots. We set aside a patch by the glasshouse, cleared it, raked it to a fine tilth, watered and then broadcast sowed the mixes together. You can start them earlier in the year in seed trays under glass. We then covered this mix with compost, labelled and will leave to grow. You can follow their growth over the coming weeks.


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