Eco-Fuel, Retro Kitchen and Lollies

Our winter fuel arrived today at 2:30PM. Minutes afterwards we were bringing it all in, at 8:30PM we'd finished. We were exhausted, Little D was exhausted from watching us, it was hard for him to sit there, watch Postman Pat, play Pop Up Pirate and suck on his homemade orange lolly. Now and again he would direct us to put the wood there, come over for a kiss, get him a drink and allow him to point at the growing piles of wood that he calls 'towers'. 

It was the same kind of glee that Carol had earlier in the day when she saw a display at Emmaus of a retro kitchen, it wasn't long before she was piling things into her arms. In the end she whittled it down to a book called 'Cook Happy' by Josephine Terry from 1948. She felt that this was more vintage than retro, which is more up our street. After all we have a wood fired heating system and a child who is more than happy to have a homemade lolly. Little D clapped his hands when we told him that our blackcurrants were heading his way in lolly form.