Growing Under Glass and Plastic

Gardening on quarter of an acre means that we raise all our plants under glass. We could buy them in but that would be costly, environmentally unfriendly and wouldn't tap into the biodiversity of the area we live in. At Pig Row we want to grow crops that are from the area, that do well on our exposed hillside and can be grown under glass as well. Yet, a time is coming that we will need more space to grow under cover. This is not some kind of spy thriller but a practicality that is dawning on us with our short summers. For us to get a good crop we will need to invest in a polytunnel that will nestle down beside our glasshouse.


Here is our glasshouse at the end of the day as it starts to fill up. There is more to plant yet as the staging will be coming down in the next week for lettuce crops.