Sarah Raven: Review of the Meadow Mixes - July Update

At Pig Row the weather is still wet, the ground sodden and the weeds are running rampant. The meadow mixes from Sarah Raven though are responding well to all this rain. 

The Celebrate Britain Mix has been growing in the shelter behind the glasshouse. Three of the pots germinated strongly and then today I found that only two have survived. It is simply a case of unseasonal weather, what seeds germinated were flooded by the heavy downpours we had. Though all three pots have a well drained compost mix, no pot can stand the onslaught of one month's worth of rain in one day. This is the weather we had last week at Pig Row and I am sad that we have lost a pot. There are signs that some of the poppies that were slow to germinate in this pot are now starting to grow and this third pot may end up purely poppies. The remaining two pots, as you can see from the photo are healthy and growing away and some of the growth is catching up with our open ground sowing of the Pastel Annual Mix. Though initially some of this mix was washed away by the torrential rains, something we discussed in our June update (giving you tips on how to avoid this), the remaining growth is knitting together well.

The Pastel Annual Mix is value for money and in this small corner of Pig Row we are happy with the results. 

A number of you have contacted us via our Facebook group and twitter feeds (day to day and review) and have shown a confusion about these mixes and traditional meadow mixes. Here on Pig Row we are happy to answer questions. The mixes we are trialing for Sarah Raven are not treated the same way as traditional meadow mixes. These mixes can be sown on fertile ground such as a border in a garden whereas a traditional meadow mix should be sown on ground that is not highly fertile. In both cases the area you sow onto should not have problems with perennial weeds. You would then mow a traditional meadow in autumn or early spring, removing all the clippings to rob the soil of any additional fertility from the clippings rotting down. With the mixes from Sarah Raven, you treat them likes annuals and removed them from the bed after the first frosts kill them off. The bed is then available for other plants. For gardeners who struggle for space these two options of growing in a small border or in a pot are valuable, as the wildlife that these mixes bring in pay dividends as they raise the biodiversity of your plot be it a window box, a pot outside your front door, a small back garden or a rolling municipal park.

We were given all products mentioned free of charge for review.


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