A Walk Around the Garden

Well, this evening we have been out in the garden with our camera, Little D in tow, collecting some cut flowers. The flowers have loved this wet season but the vegetables haven't fared as well. Here are some shots of Pig Row, the best and worst bits.

Under glass things are growing well. The Brown Turkey fig is doing better here than it ever did in open ground with a whopping thirty figs on it. The courgettes in growbags are doing better than those in open ground. There was a lovely surprise half way up the garden, a marigold from an old packet of seed has germinated and is flowering its socks off.

The rhubarb is on its second wind and the foliage here has turned vibrant green but the earth around it is still rather dusty for my liking. Over spring next year we will add a thick mulch to all borders in the hope that this will improve the soil structure. You can see the full album on our Facebook Page.