Summer Cake Off

Today has been a kind of a cake day. Pig Row was invited to partake in some cake decorating at the Red Hot World Buffet. We were treated to a demonstration of how to bake a Strawberry Cheesecake. You can see the video at the end of this post (there's no sound but you can see what Darshan is doing) but we had to stop filming when the strawberries came on the scene. Little D cannot be restrained when strawberries are around.

World Buffet have launched several new cakes celebrating the diverse taste and beauty of cakes, be they brimming full of chocolate or drizzled with fruit. Below you can see the traditional Black Forest Gateau, the sumptuous Carrot Cake and a divine Pineapple Passion Cake.

After restraining Little D from the strawberries we were let loose to take part in a Cake Off. The chance to decorate our own cakes and to bring our own style to the World Buffet. Carol decided to work alone and will be blogging about this on Dormouse and the Teapot's blog. She is very competitive when it comes to baking but Little D and I decided to work as a team on a cake together. Watched by the team at World Buffet a group of us started on our plain cake bases. Little D chose chocolate. This quickly became a towering affair of sponge, cream, chocolate, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and further piping of cream. The fruit arranging was overseen by Little D, and it is fair to say that a majority of the fruit ended up in his mouth. At one point he stole some redcurrants off Carol's cake and proceeded to run off with a bowl of raspberries but one hour later, Carol, I and Little D had our creations.

Though we did not win the Cake Off (the cake in far left corner of the photo won) we did thoroughly enjoy it and learnt some handy tips in the preparation of cakes.

Little D was most happy with his creation and he had to be whisked back to our waiting car in my arms to stop him from attacking Carol who was carrying his cake. We walked through the streets of Manchester with him yelling, 'Cake, cake, cake'.

The World Buffet restaurant in Manchester is stunning. It reminded us of the high end buffets found in Las Vegas. The decor was first class, relaxing and tasteful. This is the kind of buffet many of us dream about with foods from around the world, cooked by a team of chefs specialised in their areas but it is the cakes of the world that were utterly breathtaking that has left us giddy, salivating and appreciating the hard work that goes into cake decorating.

We were given all products mentioned free of charge for review.