What Does A Garden Mean To You

As we near our first anniversary on this blog we want to hear a little about your gardens and what they mean to you. Pig Row to us means a way of life unlike our old one. 

toddler, grass, shed
Little D in the orchard grass.

Our new life is calmer, but still has the stress of money, making ends meet but in a different way that revolves around growing and seasons. This aside, Pig Row meant redemption to me as a human being. This may sound dramatic. Without gardening my health would have declined to a point where I would have been constantly ill and immobile. I am constantly ill, I have tablets to keep me moving but because of the garden I have a reason to keep moving. I move with the seasons, I move to grow, grow to eat, grow for my family. I grow a garden because of the love I have for them. It may be a way of life but without my garden I wouldn't have a life, it changed who I am, what I wanted and gave me, Carol and Little D a new way of looking at the world. A new way to share our love for each other. Carol pointed it out today, that I grow flowers for her and fruit for Little D but what did I grow for me? The act of growing is what I do for me.

So, what does your garden mean to you? Please tell us, feel free to email us a photo of your garden or share with us via our Facebook Page and twitter feed (@lifeonpigrow).*

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