Bee Lovely Petition

Bee Lovely Petition: Sign Neal's Yard Remedies #BeeLovely petition to ban the use of deadly neonic pesticides and help save the bees! This is important, pesticides have been linked to the decline of bees. You may think nothing about this but when your food runs out, when the biodiversity that exists in the UK collapses and this pattern is repeated worldwide, you may think then, 'What happened to the bees?'. The lowest forms of life on this planet are our foundations to live, without them and the whole house collapses. It will not be a war that will finish us all off, it will be the death of bees and bugs. Sign it, shout about it, tweet it, share it on your walls. This is not something that will happen tomorrow or a decade from now, it is happening now and we are seeing the effects. We are passionate about this on Pig Row. We should all be passionate about it.