Delph Village Show

You know that Autumn is fast approaching when it is time for the village show. It is the first time we have entered our local show since we moved to Pig Row and after what has been a poor year for produce we were wondering what we could submit that might make the grade.

It is surprising what you can dig out when it comes down to it. A wander up the garden resulted in this lovely little bouquet, not a winner sadly but auctioned off for £2.50 for the club at the end.

Up rolled the sleeves and into the kitchen, two loaves and a delicious looking Boozy Bara Brith (sadly missing the milk so a little on the dry side) followed, along with a jar of jam made during the height (when?) of summer.

Andrew sacrificed his first three Sunbaby cherry tomatoes and an exotic stripey courgette, whilst Fred got to work on an edible necklace, fashioned from pasta coloured with add food colourings.

And off we went to the show.

Two firsts and a third! Not bad for our first show.  I was especially pleased to come first in the jam category with my Pig Row Strawberry and Rose Geranium recipe. It is safe to say we will be back next year.