Little D gets a parcel

There was excitement in the Pig Row household the other day as Little D was sent a rather exciting looking parcel.

He was very keen to find out exactly what was inside.

"OOOH!  Open it mummy! I'm excited!  Look a toaster, a plate, jam and butter and a knife to spread them on with."

"Oh dear Mummy a nasty crack in the toaster handle."  (We have been assured that this is a one off fault.  Daddy will mend.)

"Talking of Daddy.  Ey! Daddy! it's toast time!"

"Just waiting for the toast to pop..."

"Still waiting, maybe a little jam for me ..."

"Still waiting, this is hungry work..."

"Aha, at last.  Ready!"

"Anyone for jam and butter?  Just me then, oh ok."

Safe to say, it's a bit of a success.  

We loved this quality toy from Dolls Houses thank you.

We were sent the Le Toy Van Toaster set free of charge for review.