Super quick and thrifty soup

Autumn is firmly here now and at Pig Row we turn to warming food that keeps the chill off.

Grandma's Quick and Thrifty Cookbook by Readers Digest  has lots of tasty dishes to feed your belly and save you pennies too.  We don't like to be wasteful with money or with food so this book was right up our street.  We tried two recipes from the book. The first recipe Chocolate Pudding, was an utter disaster, we pulled it out from the oven too soon, and it was so sweet it made your teeth curl.  I'm afraid we have hidden the evidence, as you can see there are no images, but suffice to say we won't be making it again any time soon.

The second recipe Soup of Pasta and Beans was altogether much more successful.  We substituted butter beans for cannellini beans but otherwise followed the recipe.

First cooking a can of undrained butter beans with a couple of cloves of garlic. then  mashing them.

Adding a tin of tomatoes, 500ml beef stock...

... a couple of handfuls of pasta and chopped garden herbs.

In the meantime we whipped up a quick loaf of soda bread ( as you do).

Once the pasta was cooked we added a drained can of butter beans and gently heated through.

The end result was very tasty and we were impressed that four generous servings could be whipped up in under half an hour at very little expense.

The book has a large number of soup recipes including delicious sounding pumpkin soup, just right for Halloween.  If you are looking for something different Grandma's Quick and Thrifty cookbook has it covered with more than 200 options from snacks to salads to hearty main meals, hot and cold desserts and tasty treats just right for teatime.  Each recipe brings with it an old fashioned charm and a taste of yesteryear adapted for the modern cook. 

Granny would definitely approve.

We were given a copy of Grandma's Quick & Thrifty Cookbook free of charge for review.