Wartime Garden: Grow for Winter as well as Summer

We want to thank Mark Fenney who helped us to track the wartime pamphlet Dig For Victory: Grow for Winter as well as Summer. You will all recognise the iconic planting plan that adorned many garden sheds after the war, and which is still in use by many. We have printed it here before but we were always missing the other half of this pamphlet until now. 

How to plant your British wartime garden vegetables.

We are so excited about this pamphlet. Not the centre spread poster, though she is gorgeous and will be printed out to adorn our locker at work, but it is the table of planting. This single sheet of paper was used by millions during the war to Dig For Victory, nothing was wasted, no empty rows and this is why we needed the planting plan to see when they sowed, thinned, harvested and cleared. Thanks, Mark Fenney, you have opened another puzzle for us and one that we are enjoying.

Grow for Winters as well as Summer/Wartime memories

We were contacted by Joseph Woosey who said that he still, more or less, planted the same each year. Is this the legacy of Dig For Victory? That such planting plans were passed down, generation to generation until the actual pamphlet was forgotten and all that was remembered was, 'This is how Granddad taught me to sow beans'. That is the magic of grow your own. It may start on the page for many but in the end gardening becomes an aural tradition, we speak, we listen, we practice, we alter to suit our ways, our gardens but at the core of all this was some distant relative that you never met and your hands, your way of sowing all came from them. Maybe one time, it came from this humble pamphlet.

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