The Beauty of Early Winter

Early to bed, early to rise is the mantra of any parents with a toddler. It is an unwanted mantra and should run: toddler early to bed, toddler early to rise, parents knackered 24/7. However, if we weren't up early with Little D we wouldn't have seen one of the wonders of living at Pig Row. This is when the fog rolls in and over us, we don't suffer from fog, we have clouds that drop on us, the valley get the fog and we sit above it. It's breathtaking and reminds you even at this time of year, there are real beauties to be seen as your toddler screams at the dawn that the valley is full of ice cream then turns around and whacks you in the crotch with his cup of milk.

The beauty of early winter and the fog rolling down a valley as the toddler screams at it.