The End of an Era

Three years ago we moved to Pig Row from the weavers cottage, Drovers. It was a big step for us and on Thursday of last week part of that journey came to an end.

We have sold Drovers to a lovely young couple, so reminiscent of us when we first moved in back in 2000. We hope we leave them with a happy house and a garden that they will tend and love. It is always hard to give up an old garden, to not walk past it without longing. It is in this garden that we learnt to start growing food and flowers. It was in this house that Carol spent seven months of her pregnancy with Little D. Yet, we have taken some things with us from Drovers to here, from the patio warmer, an early attempt at us turning to wood for heating, to the dolly bath, both of which are in the photo below.

Even some of the plants as seedling came nestled in the rear seat of my old sports car (now gone but not forgotten). Also, seeds came with us, stored in used envelopes with scrawled descriptions on where I had forgotten the name of the seeds. Plenty of pink wotsits and blue thingies grew on windowsills at Drovers, year in, year out. Now Pig Row echoes some of the colours of Drovers to remind us always that this was a happy home, a home that we will miss. This week I will attach the dolly to the utility shed, just to remind that this journey is over. That Drovers is gone and no longer ours to call home.

We are going nowhere now, we have sunk ourselves and the money from Drovers into Pig Row, body and soul we are here. We couldn't have done that without Drovers. Good luck, our little garden, our bright and south facing rooms, the bath to die for, the kitchen that churned out so many good meals, the bedrooms that all faced towards the rising sun and the built in bookcases in the corridors that my Dad built for us, that housed over five thousand books.