Before the Snow

2013 is in full swing, we are all back to work, from offices to factories, to urban and country we are all sluggishly moving our way back into the thick of it. That is why at this time, more than at any other, we have to remember that life is not all work. So phone camera in hand, the clouds massing above Pig Row I wanted to capture the garden before it was blanketed in the first snows of this winter. Remember we only have another two month of winter and then it will be spring.

Sweet peas under cover for winter growing.

However, some sweet peas seen through the misted window of the glasshouse reminds us there is new growth in the garden.

Growing in you back garden and backyard.

The lower produce garden and even now the rhubarb buds are bulging suggestively towards the turn of season. You will notice that the weeds are also being sexually suggestive and sprouting away, hoe is ready to chop off their ardor.

An empty space in the border needs taking care of.

This was last year's Sarah Raven meadow bed. All died back now but where there are gaps, sowing can be done.

Honesty seeds in the dead of winter.

Honesty has set seed in the hedgerow.

Ice in a bird bath.

Ice in the bird bath.

The orchard in year two.

Canes in the orchard marking new long borders and new fence and gate. 

Winter cabbage settling in.

The winter cabbage is a little tame but at least it is weed free, a vigorous hoe cut them down.

Snow clouds forming over Pig Row.

Weeding though won't keep back what is in these clouds, these are snow clouds, we have seen them before and we know that we have a full larder this year.