Make Do and Tidy

We have been busy today tidying up the garden, cleaning pots and wading through the shed. There is something wonderful about a utility shed, no matter how many shelves, cupboards and hooks you have it still seems to explode into a mess sometime between you closing it for the night and opening it to get a spade the next day. 

In the next few weeks we will be creating the beds for our Wartime Garden, which consists of three beds, two by the glasshouse and one by the boundary wall. The reason for this bed being further away is simple, we want the final bed to have a little twist in the tale, this bed will be given over to no dig. Even though we will be recreating, reusing a wartime cropping plan, we will be applying modern ideas to it but no chemicals. Thanks to everyone who contacted us after we appeared on The Guardian Blog fearing we will be using chemicals like lindane - such chemicals were listed in Wartime Gardening Pamphlets but we won't be recreating that part. Funnily enough we were contacted by quite a few people who did live and grow through the war, and many stated that they were organic for the simple reason that many times they just couldn't get their hands on the sprays the experts of the time promoted. This final bed at the top of the garden is away from the other two, as we are on a hill, we do have run off after rain and we want these three beds to be separate, so nothing can contaminate each of the three beds. This means if the no dig has higher levels of good bacteria, fertility etc, we don't want our other beds benefiting. You may think this is mad but we do want to see how these ideas, and old varieties do in different beds. Each bed will be cared for, will be watered, will be tended but won't it be fascinating to see if no dig will come out trumps especially after decades of being told that digging is what we all should be doing? It will be good to see how well this passes over to your garden or allotment too, and if you have a small bed you can hand over to no dig this year, please do and let us know how you go on. Well, the utility shed has now been locked for over an hour and we bet when we open it we will be attacked by a falling rake. We'll be sowing on Sunday and reporting back but remember to keep any report top secret. Remember tittle tattle could lose us the battle.

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