Wartime Beds

The plan today was to make a film, we have done new titles for our You Tube films during the Wartime Garden plans. These wonderfully crafted titles took Andrew all evening to come up with, he spent two hours just trying to find an air raid siren from the period that wasn't copyrighted. Who would have thought that a siren could be copyrighted? Yet the best laid plans can could array, in 1943 from the 13-17th April the weather was unusually warm, it is warmish here but the wind is fierce and any chance of you hearing Andrew over the din that has been with us for two days is nigh on impossible. The wind departs tomorrow, replaced by rain. So much for 1943 weather but at least we can share the plots for the three beds with you. You can also subscribe to our You Tube Channel by following the link here.

The Wartime Garden beds are being planned. Shame the weather can't be.

Many of you will have seen the Dig for Victory Leaflet No.1 before, issued by The Ministry of Agriculture (circa 1940). It laid out a three bed system that we are following.

Dig For Victory cropping plan using 3 main beds.

This is our C Bed for MISCELLANEOUS CROPS, this is our no dig bed and will be created from scratch. It will be home to Dwarf Peas, Dwarf Beans, Onions, Shallots (intercropping with Summer Lettuce), Broad Beans and Runner Beans. This will be followed by Spring Cabbage and Winter Lettuce.This will literally be our front garden as it borders the country track to the back of our garden near the orchard. The stone you can see is there to rebuild the wall and the wood is for a new gate and kindling for our fire. We will have a garden path running past the Greengage tree and the bed will be split into two. This will be a sizeable bed and we'll be working around the Greengage and keeping the smaller crops a few feet away from it.

No dig in our wartime garden, the start of the bed.

This is our former raspberry bed and is on a gentle slope that runs down to the glasshouse, bordered by hornbeam this is our A Bed, POTATOES & ROOTS CROPS, here we will be planting Parsnips, Carrots, Potatoes, Spinach Beet (Chard) and following with Turnips. There are weeds to be cleared, and though the C Bed is no dig, this will be dug over and compost added. The raspberries were not harmed in the making of the Wartime Garden, they did not like this location ad have been re-homed further down the garden and on the Utility Shed.

The final bed, is the B Bed, WINTER & SPRING GREEN CROPS. This will include, Winter Cabbage, Savoys, Brussel Sprouts, Sprouting Broccoli, Kale, Swedes and Globe Beets. They will also be intercropped in 2013-14 with Dwarf Peas, Early Carrots and Early Beet. It also includes a compost bin that we will be using for growing a marrow.

Our seed bed will take place in the glasshouse - due to the exposed nature of the site - our tomatoes  and herbs will be undercover. In previous years our tomatoes have had blight outdoors. Further down the plot and things are are starting to grow, the rhubarb is coming and so are our wartime beds. We have sown Brussel Sprouts, Broad Beans and Early Peas in modules in the glasshouse.

You can view more on our #wartimegarden plans on twitter and through the following links: