Wartime Gardening comes to The Guardian

Today we have been fortunate enough to have an article in The Guardian Gardening Blog section on their website. We want to thank Jane Perrone of The Guardian for publishing this, and for all the support she has shown us. For those of you who are coming through and making contact with us, thank you for your kind comments and suggestions. You can email us here if you want to ask us questions, make suggestions or feel free to leave comments below. We're more than happy to have you join us on our day to day journey through 1943 at our Facebook Page and at twitter (@lifeonpigrow). Here's to the journey, to the experience and "a promise of a summer long gone, of warm days, of hard work, austerity and can-do."

Our journey into 1943 and the wartime garden.

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Wartime Gardening come to The Guardian
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