We'll Beat the Weeds

Andrew has been the garden the last few evenings, adding eyelets for wire supports for the berry bed and cursing poor wire that snaps under tension, and he has also been weeding. This year he wants to nip weeds in the bud, this means he is armed, in every sense of the Wartime Garden, with a hoe (if he attached a knife to the end he would be in full Dad's Army mode). I am starting to think that he is channeling the cast of that sitcom. This means tonight he has been weeding the last of the beds around the proposed site of the polytunnel. He took time to feed the cabbage and kale, the latter having barely survived the winter and planting a row of Rudolph potatoes.

Keep in top of weeding now or pay the price later on.

The kale and cabbage bed planted out last October has suffered under a long cold winter. Andrew has lost around half of the kale but he has taken the opportunity to plant some more spuds and plug up the gaps in the kale by moving the remaining plants into a block. The Cabbage is under attack too from pigeons and there have been signs of rabbits on the plot. Time to bring out the netting and air raid siren to scare them off. Though Andrew is all for catching the wood pigeons and eating them. I told you he was channeling Dad's Army.

How has your brassicas grown over the cold season?

You can see the work Andrew has done below for the new polytunnel site. He has been in among the budding hornbeam weeding beneath it and leveling the ground for the polytunnel, which if the weather remains the same, will be going up this Saturday.

Want to know why we're having a polytunnel? Ssssh.

There is always time though to think of flowers and fruit. Andrew has moved his favourite flowers, the lupin, to beneath the new raspberry bed. We may be Digging for Victory this year but not all the garden will be lost under cabbage. The polytunnel is for another project that we are running in 2014. I bet you want to know more! Ssssh, loose lips and all that. Remember we spend most of our days in 1943 but we'll be back to normal(ish) in 2014. 

Lupins and raspberries, the ornamental fruit patch.