The Wartime Garden Month: Putting Our Left Foot Forward

July is upon us and with it comes a month of wartime gardening and cooking. This month promises to be full of vintage films, posters and even a few tongue in cheek public information films from ourselves. To kick off we will be starting with our final winter bed, the bed that will literally be dug from scratch as many wartime allotments and gardens were (putting our left foot forward in the wartime spirit and in the wartime guidelines of how to dig). We'll be jamming, bottling, preserving and generally filling ourselves up with vegetables, mainly cabbage, and fruit, mainly the soft stuff and some home made drink, mainly the hard stuff made from rhubarb or peas, the kind of stuff that makes the back of your eyes water. We hope to produce 26 how to films and posts, in the spirit of that Dig For Victory series of pamphlets that ran during the war. It will be a month of make do and mend, it will be a month where nothing is wasted. Everything grown will have a purpose even if that purpose is to make us fart. 
Join us in July 2013 in a month of not wasting food, nothing should be given to the bin and landfill, learn from the 1943 experiment and return to dig for victory!
So join us this month and make a promise, that this month no food will be wasted from your kitchen. Join us in this pledge at our Facebook Page and follow our minute by minute rants @lifeonpigrow on Twitter. Tell us what recipes you have come up with to use leftovers and how even the bones of a shop bought chicken made you a meal. Let is not be about being frugal but more about wanting to make a difference. Nothing should be wasted, we should learn what we have lost, the love of food, the love of vegetables, the love of meat. Everything should be used, even the oink!

Make your pledge for July 2013, join the wartime kitchen campaign and eat well.

You can view more on our #wartimegarden plans on twitter and through the following links: