Wartime Garden: Leaflets

From 1940 The Ministry of Agriculture produced 26 leaflets covering everything from how to dig to getting rid of pests. This month and over the next few months we'll pay homage to these with our series of leaflets, they'll have a twist, as some will be films and others will be photo stories. Here's our 26 for 2013, paying all due respect to those men and women who turned Britain from a country that imported 70% of its food to growing 75% of its own food by the end of war.

Our dig for victory leaflet, 26 for July 2013.

You will notice that our list follows some of the original leaflets and that we too place some the basics back to front, you'd think 19 would be at 1. That was a problem that came up in the war, the Ministry assumed that everyone knew how to dig, they didn't. Their 'How to Dig' was leaflet no.20 and wasn't released until 1941 and their no.9 leaflet 'How to make Bordeaux Mix' wasn't released until 1948.

How to dig for victory leaflet, we will do our 26 for July 2013.

Here's our 26 for July and August 2013. July is our waste nothing month, join us in the campaign and leafleting on our Facebook Page.

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