Digging for Victory: The Guardian Blog

Just to let you know that today we're on The Guardian blog with our #wartimegarden. It's really an update of what we have done over summer. Many of you have followed us here, day to day, week on week, month on month. You were here for good times and the bad times. You've seen it warts and all, we want to thank you all for your support and kindness. For those wandering over here from The Guardian, we just want to say, 'Hello and welcome'. You can find a growing leaflet series inspired by Dig For Victory but this blog is doorway to Pig Row and a community of Pig Rowers. Those people who have or want to get away from a fast paced modern world in their gardens, on their allotments and smallholdings across the world. It is a growing movement, a movement of slowing down, embracing family, food, green technologies and growing. It is a back to basics revolution that many of you have stepped into from shopping local to being a member of freecycle

Step through this door and find a supportive community of growers and cooks on our Facebook Page. You can watch and get involved in a growing YouTube channel, if you have a garden and grow, and know how to use a camera, then we would like you to get in touch. Sharing films, photos and skills is important in our world, it creates a community that is supportive and green. It creates the Facebook Page. On twitter and Facebook you can ask questions, hear about our garden and cooking problems, see our three year old little boy, Little D cause chaos. Watch Carol cook up a storm as she bakes cakes and meals. Hear Andrew on Audioboo as he gardens and recycles materials in his workshop. Here and on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, you will find projects you can try at home. So step through the door and become a Pig Rower, make a difference and spread the word. You don't have to have a lot of space to grow, you don't have to be a gardener or a cook, you just have to want to make a difference and learn as you go. Wherever you are on the internet, you can drop by and say, 'Hello'.