Wartime Garden: Harvest Festival

We hope you get involved with our Harvest Festival on our Facebook Page. Welcome to the #wartimespirit. An online #harvestfestival. All you need is a camera and a willingness to share your harvest and recipes. The categories are below, join in and have some fun. 


1.            Best fruit or vegetable. If it’s huge marrow or apple place the lowest denominator coin next to e.g. 1 euro, 1 pence, 1 cent to give us an idea of scale. It doesn’t have to be huge either, it can just be beautiful.
2.            Your biggest disaster in the garden patch. Let’s celebrate our cock ups. Provide a short story about what went wrong and how.
3.            The best creative crafts – celebrating handicraft from sewing to knitting, from pots made out of teapots to pallet upcycling. Think creative, think make do and mend and enter anything you’re proud of, even that jumper made from a sheep that was just ‘passing’ your garden gate.
4.            Best preserve – savoury or sweet. Take a photo and tell us what ingredients are in it. We don’t need recipes. We just want you to make all our mouths water.
5.            Best flowers – these can be indoors or outdoors. Any colours you want, just make us smile.

When you post your photos, let us know which category you're entering. Awards will be announced at the end of the month. Let's flood Facebook with our harvest, let's celebrate food and our stories of food. We hope you all get involved and enjoy the #wartimespirit of the #harvestfestival