Blackberry Apple Flapjack Pudding

Sometimes all it takes to bring new inspiration into the kitchen, is a nice Autumn walk and a little bit of foraging. 

Last weekend after a trudge down the road  led by Little D, past the occasional horse, sheep, goat and even Alpaca (they are an adventurous lot round here) we came back to Pig Row refreshed and ready for Sunday lunch.

We had picked but a handful of blackberries which we had planned to freeze and add to the bag that we had already stashed away, when I suddenly decided I'd whip up a pudding.  I really fancied flapjacks but the blackberries would lend themselves to a crumble, what to do.  Why not combine both?  The result was delicious.

Blackberry Apple Flapjack Pudding
(Serves 6)

What you will need:

To make the flapjack topping
100g Porridge oats
100g Plain flour
50g  Soft brown sugar
1 tbsp Ground cinnamon
100g Melted butter
2 tbsp Golden syrup

To make the fruity filling
1 medium eating apple peeled cored and very thinly sliced (we used a foraged one - aha!)
A large handful of washed blackberries  

3 tbsps Brown sugar
3 tbsps plain flour

How to make it:

Pre heat oven at a moderately hot temperature 200 C / Gas Mark 6 / 400F 

Put the golden syrup and butter in a microwavable container and melt, we have a 700W microwave and this takes about 1 minute on high yours may take more or less time.  You could also do this in a saucepan of course.Meanwhile mix together the oats, flour and cinnamon.  

Once the butter mixture is melted, pour over the oats and mix until all the ingredients are combined. Set aside.

Put the apple and blackberries in the serving dish (I used a 7" x 6" casserole dish) mix in the sugar then the flour.

Spoon over the flapjack mix to cover the fruit and pat down.  You can roughen the top a little with a fork before cooking to make little crunchy bits.

Cook for thirty minutes in the centre of the oven.  Remove and let sit for 10 -15 minutes.

We served  the pudding with Greek yoghurt mixed with brown sugar, but cream, custard or ice cream would go well too.  It is also quite delicious cold.