Nicely spicy pickled onions

What do you do when find your crop of onions is food fit for Lilliputian? 

No it isn't a joke and sadly the majority of our onions were that small this year.

Even small onions and shallots can find a home in your larder for this Christmas.

At Pig Row we are never ones to give in, and to throw them away would be a waste so we decided to get out the vinegar and made some spicy picked onions.

Nicely spicy pickled onions

What you will need
Malt vinegar
Small onions or shallots
Chili peppers

How to make them:

First of all peel your onions and/or shallots.  Admittedly this is a rather tedious job, but you can make this much simpler by topping and tailing the onions, putting in a large bowl then pouring over boiling water. When the water has cooled you will find that the onion skins just squeeze off, it is really important not to leave the onions standing about in the cooled water too long or they will take in the water and go soft.

Next dry off your onions with kitchen towel and place in a dry bowl sprinkle them over with salt approx 50g to 500g onions. Cover and leave for 24 hours. When the 24 hours is up rinse the onions well and pack them into sterilised jars. We like clip top glass preserve jars for pickles .

Heat your vinegar with a tablespoon of sugar per 500ml in a pan on a low heat until the sugar dissolves. Remove pan  from heat and allow vinegar to completely cool before pouring over the onions. Pop in a whole chilli pepper in each jar for a bit of spice.

Close the lid and hide the jar somewhere dark until Christmas or for about 6 weeks.