Preparing for Winter

When growing, cooking and preserving at 1300ft above sea level we have to be prepared. The Wartime Garden has not only taught us how to prepare for the cold months more in the garden but has also shown us how to prepare in the home. Looking back over the photos of spring, summer and early winter of 2013 we have seen how far we have come, and how far we have yet to come. We have been told to expect the worst winter for ten years but winter on Pig Row is part of the course, we have been snowed in many times and even last winter we experienced ten foot snowdrifts. This year though the Wartime Kitchen has come into it's own from canned goods to dried fruits and vegetables. We have foraged, we have baked, we have cooked and preserved our socks off, and we have yet to get through to next spring. Will the kale that failed over last winter get through to spring? How will the leeks and spring cabbages get on? Last year our spring cabbages sat in the ground all winter and spring sulking, and was nearly 6 weeks behind when we came to crop them. 

Frost on the car, is the worst winter in a decade coming?

The frost has come in late but we have been chopping wood for weeks. We have learnt from our Wartime experiences that if we don't prepare, we'll be caught out and if this is going to be the worst winter for a decade we want to be prepared. Whatever happens, stay warm, get chopping, stock up sensibly and remember to keep yourself warm rather than empty rooms.

Forage wood, be prepared, stay warm.

We'll be completing our Pig for Victory leaflets over the coming months, taking you back into spring as it arrives and celebrating Wartime food throughout winter.

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