A Traditional Christmas: Pig Row Style

It has been over a year since we sold Drovers and this will be our first real Christmas at Pig Row without the feeling that we are merely tenants waiting for the bailiffs. That was how dire our Christmases were with debt hanging over us and it was this that drove us to embrace the ideas of the Wartime Garden. We do live again in an age of austerity, food banks, homelessness and zero hour contracts which abound through our society. We mere take this time of year as our own, to shut the door, block our ears with Christmas songs and our mouths with turkey and stuffing. We cannot blame you for doing this but the Wartime Garden has taught us that there is a real strength, an empowerment in a wider community, both physical and virtual. So, with this in mind, one cold Sunday at the start of December we made our way down the hill into our village to join in the madness of swords, songs and bringing light to the darkness.

We can all do our bit this season by simply getting out into our community and this is what we did at The Swan pub, there we listening to our local choir, drank some wine, ate some pottage from the seventeenth century and though the recipe had been walled up for sometime, it was a wonderful winter warmer of mutton, almonds and fruit, think sweet and sour but without the msg, and all eaten to great choristers. We wish we'd done it earlier, life is short, Christmases fleeting and we should embrace not just the consumerism of the holidays but the essence of life and Christmas, community. Then maybe we will all get to dance in clogs with swords more often.