Phase 2: The Pig Row Orchard

Our orchard planted a few years back is doing well, bar the suspected death of a Damson Merryweather due to a harsh winter in 2012/13, we'll let you know if it comes back in 2014. We're now waiting for the weather to calm down so we can get on with Phase 2 of the Orchard: Cordon and Fans.

Phase 2 of the orchard, fans and cordons.

We are cordoning the apples, Balsam, Dog's Snout, Hunt House, James Grieve, Ribston Pippin alongside a cordon of pears which will have Beth, Doyenne du Comice, William's Bon Cretien and Hessle on wires. Hessle is such a hardy variety that we are replacing the Damson with it and putting the Damson into plant ER. We are fan training two Cherry Early Rivers and a Morello and we couldn't resist planting a Quince Portugal after attending a pruning course at Shibden Hall. Where is all this going? In the last place we have to bring into use, the lower garden. We hope in 2014 we can bring this into our Wartime Garden as the grass is turned to vegetables and the boundaries to fruit.

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