The New Cheaper Morrisons - A Review

We were invited by Morrison's to pop down to our local store on bank holiday weekend, to do some shopping and check out their new cheaper prices.

Advert promoting cheaper prices at Morrisons

Morrison's has recently slashed the price of 1,200 everyday food essentials by up to 60 per cent and we were interested to see how they would compare to our usual shopping spend.

It has been a long time since we visited Morrison's and we have never done a great deal of shopping there, our last experiences of the store are probably from over a decade ago. Walking in it all seemed very impressive we were wowed by the luscious display of fruit and vegetables with the space age steam cooling system. The range and variety of produce on offer was amazing and it all looked good quality. We noticed a great deal of regionally grown produce too which is important to us.

Herbs under the cold steam spray at Morrisons

Planning to make fruit salad we popped strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges, bananas into our trolley. Along with potatoes, mixed peppers, smoked garlic, tomatoes and lemons which would go into our Mediterranean chicken dish. Prices were on par with our local greengrocers which we normally use. The 69p or 3 for £1.50 products were plentiful and included vine tomatoes and baking potatoes, as well as a wide range of other everyday fruit and veg.

69p and 3 for £1.50 offers in fruit and veg at Morrisons

Next stop was the bakers, where we picked up a lovely hot baguette (just 50p!) and gorgeous artisan loaf of olive bread. There was lots of choice with pick and mix rolls and every type of bread you could think of. Supermarket bread is a treat for us as we normally make our own and if you do too they even have fresh yeast for sale in store.

Wide selection of breads available at Morrisons

We particularly liked the market street with its real fishmongers, bakers, patisserie, butchers and deli. We thought these concessions made it stand out from other supermarkets and we really enjoyed shopping in this area. We picked up three higher welfare chickens for £10 and a lovely (massive) piece of rump steak for just over £4 and sausages from the butchers £2 which we thought were very good value. The 3 pieces of meat for £10 offer would be perfect for families on a budget who do not have a reasonably priced local butchers.

We chose to spend the rest of our money on stocking up our store cupboards, so shopped for canned fruit and vegetables and other staples. Although prices were OK, we found our shopping experience off market street unfortunately not so good. We felt that the store was organised rather strangely, for example alcohol came after the fruit and veg and clothes appeared at the end of the canned food aisle. This made shopping stressful and we found ourselves running around a lot looking for items and frustratingly spent a lot longer in store than we should have done because of this. 

In total we bought 89 items for just over our £80 which we thought wasn't too bad considering the amount of meat we bought. Prices were on a par with where we normally shop but certain items that we buy regularly such as tinned fish were significantly dearer, it really depends what you buy and what stores you have access to if it is cheaper for you.

Shopping for family at Morrisons

Look out for our follow up post were we cook a family meal using Morrison's produce.

We were given £80 worth of Morrison's vouchers to spend in store. All opinions are our own.