A Little Bit of Spring

It's this time of year that finds gardeners in the house getting under everyone's feet, being tutted at, shushed out of the way and when things become too much the words, 'Can't you go and do something?' are yelled, screamed or spoken through clenched teeth. There is no doubt that many of us are kicking our heels or worse still lamenting that our winter crops got in the ground too late and seem to be doing nothing. Conversations about weather become the staple, the mere twinkling of a warm day and we're outside, but what then?

Planting daffodils for Christmas #lifeonpigrow

You may be like us at Pig Row, you may find yourself on your plot on a cool day, the sun in your eyes and your wellies slowly sinking into the mud. Therein lies the problem, though the sky may be clear of clouds and our breath is coming out steaming, there is little we can do with the soil but there is still plenty we can do under cover. A few weeks ago we planted Paper White daffodils for the Christmas table. 

Planting Paper White daffodils #lifeonpigrow

This the first time we've done this and though we had some lovely terracotta pots, we didn't expect such a mild late autumn. Our glasshouse on good days was still hovering in the late 20s (celsius) and the bulbs didn't just grow they skyrocketed. The downside of this is that they won't be on our Christmas table but they are bringing a heady scent to the cottage. We'll do it again next autumn and hopefully we can time it for the turkey.

Paper Whites create a heady scent in the house #lifeonpigrow

Paper Whites on the windowsill #lifeonpigrow


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