Spring: Signs in the Rhubarb Patch and Kitchen

People get excited when they see snowdrops, social media ricochets with people shooting off about the fact that spring is here. It's not. The clue's in the name. Snow. Drops. Calm. Down. Then like spaniels lost in the long grass someone sees a daffodil and runs through the streets with only a t-shirt on. Put. On. A. Jumper. Spring has never been known as a season that literally sprung. It is not the kind of season that jumps out on us and makes us laugh. Spring is more like a mugger, makes you scream, steals something and buggers off leaving you penniless and feeling cold. Spring has fooled us all at some point. It gets unseasonably warm and every one rushes for their greenhouse. If you listen carefully, you can hear Spring sniggering. The recent few weeks prove this, people think they're getting ahead - sometimes it does work - but then winds, rain and cold rip through the country and carefully packed winter wardrobes are yanked back out. Take a tip from nature.

Take a tip from nature on when to sow and what to sow #lifeonpigrow #growing

It's not the daffodils you should be getting over excited about, so stop rolling around naked in them. The parks department aren't happy about that and also you're buggering up the crown green bowlers trying to concentrate. You should look for those plants that tell you the ground is really warming up, weeds. When weeds take off like a rocket, that's the time to sow. When rhubarb is just starting to poke it's head above the Winter parapet consider starting off those frost hardy plants outside. You could get ahead, you could use a heater but if outside is still miserable when it's time to harden off, you're up a creek without a paddle, a boat or even a life saver. Our advice? Leave it, there's time, get your beds ready, get your mulch down, manure your beds if you use it and let the weather do the rest as you wait. Just weed. Just get undercover and get your tools clean, sharp and if all else fails, get in the kitchen and bake.

Cheese and pesto loaf #lifeonpigrow #food #baking

Look at those baps #loafing #lifeonpigrow #food #baking

Being outdoors means it's all about the kitchen loaf #lifeonpigrow #food #baking


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