Summer: Cabbage and Kale in the Cottage Garden

We are less than a month away from the autumn equinox and summer has been a hiccuping affair. We have got a harvest but not as much as in previous years, there has been swings and roundabouts, and a feeling that we got a kicking behind the bike sheds but we are still here and we are still growing. We have just cleared a problem patch at the bottom of the garden from this...

Garden rubbish this. 

Weeding a garden bed for kale and cabbage, problem patches.

This part of the garden up to last week was dumping patch for builders rubble and the rubble had been there for so long that trees were sprouting from them. The ground was full of crab grass and sheeps sorrel - a sign that our soil is acidic - but we got down on our hands and knees, and weeded out as many roots as we could including the elastic sheeps sorrel root. We could have used a fork but getting down on your hands and knees is actually easier and means we can see every root that can get missed in the turning of a garden fork - it's also easier on the back. This bed will eventually, after we have rebuilt the retaining wall behind us, house a chicken run and chickens in a triangle run. Until then we have limed it, added blood, fish and bone, and planted kale and cabbage to take us into 2016. We have enough cabbage to have one large cabbage a week for fifteen weeks - and frankly that's enough cabbage for us - we have planted kale here but have plans for another bed of another kale called Hungry Gap (Thomas Etty Esq.) behind the glasshouse. We'll keep you up to date with how the two beds grow.

Kale and cabbage, gardening, grow your own.


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