Summer: Community Spirit

There has been an old wooden sign post at the end of our lane for years, for many a year it sat there silently rotting as the people in our hamlet lamented its passing. Then earlier this year a few of them got together to make a difference to this poor post, it became a community project to save it.

Reclaim your community

The post went from a project to reinstate the arms and names to a full on planting scheme with hanging baskets. This has now become the focal point of the hamlet. There are plans to reclaim the verges for wild flowers and more planting at the crossroads to slow down the traffic. There are even whispers of a Christmas tree this year. This just shows that in the smallest of communities you don't have to wait for the powers that be to make a difference, if everyone gets on board you have people power and people, no matter who they are, can make a real difference #sundaybliss 

Jericho, Shiloh, Limbo, Blunder Ho and all the other improbably-named places sprinkled around the rugged scenery of Saddleworth – Oldham, Lancs, for postal purposes but Saddleworth, West Riding, for where the heart lies.
- Yorkshire Post