Summer: The Love of Sunday in the Kitchen

There was something about Sundays in the past that promoted peace and boredom. It was a day of rest before the seven day shopping week came in and we all expected to be drinking and eating our way to wider waist bands and raised blood pressure. Yet, here on Pig Row we try to keep Sunday for us, it is not about going out to a restaurant to eat over salted food or to queue mindlessly in snaking sniping shuffling lines that all want to go bowling, watch a film, get on a ride or jump off a cliff. Part of our Sunday ritual is good home made food, from a cooked breakfast to a Sunday lunch that draws on what we grow in the garden or what we have foraged during the week. We eat fresh, we eat well and yes our waist bands may not be as svelte as they where when we where twenty but we eat better than we did two decades ago.

Sometimes traveling introduces to you foods that you can take home.

Sometimes we dream of our twenties and how we traveled around the world, then we long for the food we found in Greece, America, Turkey, France, North Africa and Cornwall. We did jet set back in the day and there was a constant in our traveling, we got off the plane and found food but we always sought out real food. We ate once in a hotel, it was a package holiday, and we were sick for the entire two weeks. We have eaten street food in some of the worst and most wonderful cities in the world, and never been sick but we sit in a tourist trap and we are violently ill. Thankfully when we stayed in Molyvos on the Greek islands we found a small bakery that each day baked a bread that was a cross between flat breads and pizza toppings. It was heavenly street food. Basically it was breakfast pizza and over the years we have returned to it, adding our own toppings and it has become a treat on a Sunday with an egg on top of it. We have over the years added everything to this cheese and tomato topped bread from chorizo to Yorkshire ham. We live dangerously here on the Moors.

Greek twist on breakfast.

Sunday lunch should be comforting and we have always loved chicken, especially organic chicken and yes, you can tell the difference when you're cooking it. We are slowly moving towards keeping our own chickens for eggs and meat but at present we still buy ours but we do like to twist the Sunday lunch every now and then. We also make sure that every part of the chicken is used, so left over meat becomes biryani, paella or a mouth watering sop sandwiches. We sometimes like to twist the Sunday lunch and today we are baking a spicy chicken tikka roast, the chicken marinated over night and baked until golden.

A twist on the sunday lunch chicken, it's spicy.

Thankfully, when it comes to vegetables at this time of year we can bring in our own potatoes and spinach to make sag aloo. 

Home grown, homemade sag aloo

Then Sundays mean only one thing, a comforting pudding made from foraged blackberries and made into a warming, tasty cobbler.

Blackberry cobbler

With a spot of cream.

Blackberry cobbler

Now, who needs all those queues, screaming out of town shopping and congested motorways? Stay home, eat well and put your feet up, when else can you do it?


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