Autumn: Making A Leaf Wreath

With falling leaves comes the desire with many gardeners to run out with bin bags and collect them for leafmould. There is something else you can do too, which brings a bit of colour into the home.

How to make a leaf wreath that is compostible.

You can make a leaf wreath easily. Christmas is coming and soon you will be festooned with wreaths from home to work and even on public transport. Wreaths will be falling on you and washing you away; we are in not doubt that the British love a good wreath, it's tidy, portable and can come in handy in an impromptu game of quoits. So get ahead of the Christmas rush and introduce another form of wreath making that will drive your neighbours batty but will make you look like the wonder maker. Making one is easy, cheap and requires only your willingness to collect leaves, dry them and then stick them to a piece of cardboard. Do remember though that bad dog owners sometimes allow their dogs to foul pavements and then forget to pick it up, and then the leaves fall...well, you get the picture, so wear gloves. You will the  need in our very best Blue Peter meets Why Don't You...? tone to get:

1 x piece of cardboard cut in a ring shape to a size that suits your door (the one in the image is 12" wide).
1 x roll of sellotape.
1 x piece of string around 8" long.
1 x glue stick.
1 x drawing pin.
A carrier bag of dried leaves.

Place the cardboard ring on a table covered with newspaper or oil cloth (you want to be able to tidy up easily at the end). Cover quarter of the ring, on one side, in glue. Press the dried leaves onto the glue. Work around the ring until all the cardboard ring is covered. Leave to dry for 1 hour. Turn the now festooned leaf ring over, double up the 8" piece of string to make a loop that is 4" long, stick to the back of the cardboard ring with sellotape. Now, stick the drawing pin in a door, wall, or passing cold caller and hang the wreath from it. Da-dah, one autumnal wreath which when finished with can be put on the compost heap.

If the leaves fall off, just stick them back down. You can spend many fine hours doing this and everyone you know will ask where you bought it...we're not kidding, it was up on twitter for three minutes and five people private messaged us to ask where they could buy one. Don't buy, make it! And now we have gone all Why Don't You...? (follow the link for a blast of nostalgia and even catch a public information film from the 80s).


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