Getting Plastered

We have had the ups and downs of snow, freezing rooms and the loss of the architrave around the doors when we boarded. We have even had the fun of discovering hidden secrets in the room.

Plastering the family room, how to reclaim a space

Wall by wall the plasterers - there are some things we can't do - have revealed our new family room and now we are completely plastered.

Plastering the family room, how to reclaim a space

The beam that runs through the front room needs cleaning and the floor looks like its been attacked by a rugby team. Having workmen in often feels like you have been tackled as you feel yourself ache from the rough and tumble of not being in a room that we use everyday. We have been living upstairs now for around a fortnight, and though at first it was a great 'camping' adventure it soon paled and went further downhill when Little D picked up a bug and threw up all over our bed. We can hear the calls once more of, 'How can you live like this?' and the answer is here.

Living in a building project

Soon, the plaster will is start to dry and then we will cut new architrave but we have to build up the door frames first - a few inches does make a difference! There is new skirting to fit and wooden floors to clean, possibly stain and wax.

New lintel over the stove

Those old stairs are now hidden behind the new plasterboard and there are plugs, light switches and lights to put back up after it has all dried but there is light at the end of the room, which reveals a kitchen waiting to be plastered!

When you've completed one job there is another one to do


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