The Kitchen Is Under Here Somewhere

Doing the house up room by room means there is often a room looking like this. This is part of living in your messy design, furniture has to find a home and we have no outbuildings here, so the kitchen drew the short straw this time. Personally, we love the shabby chic blend of retro chairs, baked bean cans and freezer bags. Wicker baskets houses knick knacks and any chance of getting to the boiler is only available by balancing yourself on a pair of old grocery scales.

The downside of being in a building project

Radiators are covered and protected between bookcases with potatoes chitting on the top and the narrowest of passages is left to get to the welsh dresser, the larder and the backdoor, it isn't simply a case of suck in your stomach, you have to tuck in your backside, love handles and spare change or you will catch something. Worse still, you will catch on something and be stuck there until someone else beats a trail through the dense jungle that is our kitchen. All so we can get the family room done.

The downside of being in a building project

Bear with us and soon we will see the kitchen once more and maybe find a way back into the garden.


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