To Sand, or Not to Sand? To Stain?

The carpet is gone. Long live the floorboards! The old carpet has stood up to many things, the pulling down of the old ceiling, being buried under four inches of dust, a sick child in an exploding nappy, a happy child on a crayon binge, adults missing tables and mouths with beer, wine and coffee. Though the carpet has survived all these things, it was a carpet that only a little old lady experiencing acid flashbacks would have selected. Its weaving gold over red could give you a hangover when doing yoga on it, you didn't want to be face down on it, it smelt musty and of exploded nappies. It was as comfortable as being on stone in the middle of the moors during a windy night. Whatever you left on it for a period of time would be forever etched into its warp and weft. We haven't had storage heaters in over five years but you can see where it once stood. Those indentations are older than this blog! You could see where Little D liked to sit down by the door, two indentations that matched his buttocks. Such was his effect on the carpet there that the colour around this indentation was several shades lighter. It was like a halo effect.

What would you do with these floorboards?

Now, we are back to boards and they are largely the colour above but we have some pine, some new boards from when two corners of the room simultaneously collapsed one Christmas taking a book case and a sideboard with them. We have to decide now whether to sand them, we don't want to because we did that at the last house and they ended up looking like a sauna after we varnished them. We are wondering whether to stain them or just stain the new boards, we think this may be mid-oak colour but we're not sure. What would you do?


  1. Scrub them, possibly a bit if wire wool, and wax them. No orange wood and you keep all the uneven finish.